Hydraulic rams for transport

We supply hydraulic rams for the transport industry to power vehicles and machinery including trailers, transporters, side tippers, low loaders and tilt trays. Many large equipment manufacturers choose us because of our reputation for building the best transportation hydraulic cylinders available on the market today.

The Motus quality difference

Performance, power and reliability is essential to the transportation industry, which is why we only build to the highest quality standards. The mark of how well we build cylinders is demonstrated by the fact that many rams we built back in the 1960s are still in operation today.
The quality difference is in the materials, the precision manufacturing and rigorous testing of each and every ram for performance before we ship it to our customers. That’s why our rams come with a four-year full replacement guarantee.


The WRC (3000 PSI) series is our proven performer in agriculture and industrial standard duty applications. The series features a unique wire clip head design for easy and quick servicing. The cylinders have extremely compact componentry allowing for optimal stroke, full thickness tube throughout for superior strength and premium quality seals.

The WRC Series encompasses 100% of our stock range and is fully customisable using our cutting edge online configurator.


The Ultra (4000 PSI) series features a robust external threaded cap design with heavy-duty grade seals. The high mechanical strength makes this series ideal for heavy-duty industrial and commercial applications. The range is compatible with our stock mountings selection. Customisable cylinders and mounting options are also available.


The Elite (5000 PSI) Series features a super heavy-duty 4140 grade external threaded cap design. They’re the pinnacle of our range integrating the best materials available including super heavy-duty 10pc seal kits. We build them tough to deal with the hardest conditions in forestry, heavy industrial, mining and commercial applications. All Elite cylinders are fully customised to your requirements.

Why choose Motus?

Transport equipment relies on strong hydraulic systems to generate powerful force and safely lift large loads. Our experience in building high-quality, long-lasting cylinders which deliver reliable performance for many years ensures your transport equipment will continue to work as required. Contact us if you need new cylinders or ram parts for your equipment.