Hydraulic cylinders for sale

We carry a huge range of hydraulic cylinders for sale for common applications. Most cylinders are carried in stock and can be shipped overnight. The off the shelf range includes more than 500 hydraulic cylinders. If you’re not completely sure what you need, contact our team for help.

The Motus quality difference

If you’ve never ordered a Motus hydraulic cylinder before, get ready for a step up in quality. We’ve built cylinders for a huge range of large equipment from tractors and agricultural attachments to construction and forestry machines. They’re all precision manufactured from quality materials and thoroughly tested before we ship them to you. We know they’re the best on the market, which is why we back them with a four-year guarantee.

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The best cylinders money can buy


The WRC hydraulic cylinder is our most popular ram with over 60 years of proven performance. We recommend this ram cylinder for mowers, post drivers, loader attachments and folding implements. The compact hydraulic ram design ensures WRC cylinders easily fit into tight spaces without compromising on power.


The Elite Series is a heavy-duty standard cylinder commonly used for industrial and construction applications. This hydraulic cylinder withstands extreme duty cycles and the tough demands of tilt hitches, buckets and thumbs. It delivers reliable performance and power to help you get the job done.


If you’re looking for an agricultural hydraulic cylinder, Toplinks feature precision-made components, premium thick wall tube and high-quality seals. Farmers trust this standard ram hydraulic cylinder range to keep their equipment working smoothly.