Frequently Asked Questions:

“Does Motus only make agricultural rams?”

No, we supply cylinders for all industries including heavy duty applications such as forestry, earthmoving, transport, marine and many others.

“How does the 100hr promise work?”

The 100hr promise applies to the wide range of RamBuilder options. If your ram (designed for 1- 4 rams per order) fits within this range, we will manufacture it within 100 hours (4 days) from receipt of order to dispatch, it’s our promise. (conditions apply)

“Do you have a standard range?”

Yes, it is called the EasyRam Range. It provides 4 styles with 156 sizes to choose from. https://www.motushydraulics.co.nz/ram-range/standard-rams/#easyram

“Is your cylinder traceable?”

Yes, we have the unique 5 digit build number stamped onto every cylinder – this system dates back over 30 years

“Are your cylinders made in New Zealand?”

Yes, most of our cylinders are designed and made in Hastings, NZ. We do import some selected sizes such as the 25mm bore Ram from Europe and our Telescopic Cylinder Range

“Do you only have one style of ram/cylinder?”

No, we have many designs rated from light duty to very heavy duty applications. For more details please ask one of our friendly sales reps. https://www.motushydraulics.co.nz/about/contact/

“What if I need different ends or ports?”

Then RamBuilder is for you. You can mix and match end mounts and ports. We have very fast delivery times on these with repeatability, should you wish to build another machine.

“What is your warranty?”

4 years, and it has been 4 years for many, many years.

“How compact are they?”

There is no wasted space in a Motus cylinder. For example, a standard 8”ASAE 2.5”cylinder closed centre is 514mm. A Motus cylinder with the same spec, its closed centre is only 444mm – that’s a 70mm difference!

“Whats the cost for a replacement ram?”

Customers have often been pleasantly surprised. Sometimes the new cylinder is less cost than repairing the old one.

“What if the ram ends are very complex?”

In some cases, the (expensive) ends can be machined off and incorporated into the new ram. This is very economical, and quicker than waiting for the genuine part.

“I thought Motus was a large volume manufacturer and wouldn’t bother with a one-off ram?”

Yes we do supply the OE market; however the low volume market forms a large part of what we do. You receive the same personal attention and prompt delivery every time. As we say: we are “Big enough to perform, small enough to care!” Every customer is important to us.

“I need a ram but I haven’t got an account with Motus”

No problem, we have several payment options including credit card and Farmacard facilities.

“I’ve had a machine just come into the yard with a damaged ram, what is the next step?”

We’ve made it easy. Print out our online PDF, fill in the details that you know and give us a call. It is that simple! Once you fit the new cylinder, the trace number gives you that peace of mind if you ever need another one.

“Why is my near-new ram shaft showing signs of rust?”

The hard chrome finish on ram shafts is micro-porous, which means if it is situated in a salty environment the moisture can go down through the pores to the base metal and rust outwards. This is especially noticeable if the new shaft or new ram is left extended, especially in coastal areas.

After the ram is in use for a while the oil and warmth created in operation will tend to seal this porosity, which is the reason that once a ram has been in use for a time it is a lot more resistance to rusting.

Ways to prevent this from happening are to apply wax or soft-seal or equivalent product. Once the ram has been in use for a while it is normally OK.

If the ram is to be exposed continuously to a salty environment, consideration should be given to making the shaft from stainless steel – 2205 or similar, or hard chrome plated stainless steel.

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